Who we are

Atrani Capital is an investment firm distinguished by our agile and sophisticated approach to achieving balanced returns through risk-adjusted strategies. ​

We proudly offer a range of services tailored to meet diverse investor needs. This includes managing diversified portfolios within our multi-strategy hedge fund, targeting optimal risk-adjusted returns, and implementing active strategies for potentially higher returns. Additionally, our long-term investment strategies focus on capital preservation and alignment with individual financial goals, while our investment consulting services offer expertise in complex product analysis, portfolio evaluation, and ensuring compliance with sanctions.​

At a quick look

Hedge Fund

Steering a diversified portfolio with a focus on optimizing risk-adjusted returns.

Long-Term Investment

Crafting conservative investment strategies for sustained growth and stability.

Active Strategy

Harnessing active strategies to unlock potential higher returns.

Investment Consulting

Complex Product Analysis, Portfolio Evaluation, Second Opinion, Sanctions Compliance.

Top managers

Synergy in Partnership

Bolder Group
Bolder Group, with a global presence in 18 countries, specializes in providing asset managers, corporations, and high net-worth individuals with corporate, funds, governance, and private solutions. With over $75 billion in assets under administration, Bolder is a leading independent service provider, committed to delivering tailored solutions in the asset management sector.​
At the forefront of institutional banking, FundBank is renowned for its innovative banking solutions tailored for the asset management industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the user-friendly FundBank Client Portal, FundBank focuses on efficiency and accessibility, enabling investment funds and managers to optimize their portfolio management and performance.​
Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers is a premier global brokerage firm, serving both individual and institutional clients with advanced trading technology and access to over 135 markets worldwide. Known for its low-cost trading solutions, it is an ideal choice for active traders and professionals seeking a broad range of investment options.
Freedom Finance Europe Ltd.​
A subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp., Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. offers trading in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and more. It stands out in the European market for its commitment to transparency, regulation, and user-friendly trading experiences, providing clients with access to global markets.
Exante is a global investment firm that prides itself on offering direct access to a wide array of financial markets. With a focus on client-centric trading solutions, Exante combines a high-performance platform with exceptional service, catering to both individual and institutional investors.